Healing School Mobile

Size: 43.97 MB
Last Updated: Feb 5th 2024
Compatible with: Android 5.1 and later
Version 21.5.7

The Healing School is the healing ministry of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome (PhD), President of LoveWorld Inc., aka Christ Embassy Churches Worldwide.
The Healing School Mobile App gives you access to: ...


  • Hussaini Shok


  • Rebecca

    I've just downloaded the app but I can't get in. After I put my full name and email an error occurs

  • Pastor Dee??


  • Simba

    Thank you so very much our dear man of God Pastor Chris, this is what we call greater works, awesome

  • Divine Tsalach

    It's an amazing app and very exciting , and a Blessing to the Nations!

  • Pastor

    Excellent! I just love using this app. Yes, I strongly recommend it.

  • Mayann Gilpin

    I give God thank for the Manifestation of healing Angels all around the world

  • Kelechi Eric

    Beautiful and engaging interface, user-friendly and exceptionally impactful. I love it!!

  • Angela Oghene

    The Perfect App for everyone with enriching and inspiring contents.

  • Basil

    Awesome. Thank you pastor Chris.

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