Rhapsody of Realities

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Last Updated: Apr 27th 2024
Compatible with: Android 5.0 and later
Version Redemption-Loveworld-April-28

Enjoy unlimited teachings from God's word through the NEW Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional APP 3.0. Everything you need to have the Number one daily devotional on the go, all wrapped up in one e ...

  • Margaret

    There's power in the word's of Jesus Name Amen

  • Alison

    It has great teaching

  • Vanessa

    My messenger Angel 😇 👼

  • Bro

    A great for growing in the knowledge of God's Words daily. Thanks to the man of God pastor Chris

  • enowatu

    Wow my life has been on top ever since I joined Chris embassy.

  • Nwachukwu Gift

    God's love poured out

  • Akinola

    Very very powerful content

  • Bibian Eriken

    Rhapsody has changed my life as a Christian. I understand better now who I am in Christ.

  • Gideon

    Rhapsody of Realities is indeed a messenger Angel Pastor Chris in readable format A spectacle .

  • Prosper

    My messanger angel. . .

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