CELF Mobile

Size: 63.91 MB
Last Updated: Aug 7th 2023
Compatible with: Android 7.0 and later
Version 1.0.7

The CELF mobile app is an interactive forum for all Leaders of the Loveworld nation, which includes: Pastors, Members of the Deaconry and Cell Ministry Leaders.

Features Includes:-

1. eStore
2. ...


  • Greatness Emmanuel

    Very efficient and excellent interface

  • Pastor Ifechukwudeni Madidi KD

    Most beautiful creation.

  • Pastor Elo F. Ijomone

    I love the celf mobile app Easy on the eyes and to use 💯

  • Bawe

    A treasure spot.

  • A D Sicwebu


  • Yoofi

    Hello. Please how do I sign up?

  • Joseph Dube

    How do i sign up/register.

  • Prince Yawson

    Frankly, this app really needs adjustment. Difficult to update amongst others. 2/5

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